My First Time

Hello internet friends!
Continuing on from yesterday’s blog post, I thought I would share some of my ‘firsts’ with you. This is also inspired by the beautiful Sprinkle of Glitter - Louise’s YouTube channel who started the My First Time Tag, so go check her out! :)

My First Kiss
To be honest, I’ve never actually been kissed. There have been some strange almost-kiss encounters though... 
One of these stories involves drama class, a boy and a probably know where this is going.
In a drama class in grade 12, we were playing a game where the person in the middle had to think of something that someone may have done or their opinion on something. If you agreed, you had to stand up from your chair and race to get someone else’s chair, and the person left in the middle without a chair has to think of the next statement. Well it so happened that someone asked who had never been I get up along with two other girls. Talk about awkward. 
During this game, our teacher left the room and for some reason the class decided to hide (I really have no idea how or why this happened haha). 
So one of the guys (admittedly one of the hottest guys in our grade) asks me to get in the cupboard with him. I declined his offer... I wasn’t too sure where that was going to go and I was still very naive and innocent back then. In hindsight, it would have been a great story if I did go in and we kissed though!

My First Pet
I had a cat called Casper from the age of two, so I guess he would be my first pet. He had to be put down due to cancer the day before my 17th birthday... He lived until he was about 16 though, so he certainly lived a very long and wonderful life.

My First Time Meeting My 'Now' Best Friend
My Mum works as a senior school secretary at a Christian school and she found out that one of the teachers at the school had a daughter (I’ll call her H) who was also studying Occupational Therapy. So Mum plotted for me to meet this girl she had heard so much about and saying how perfect she would be as a friend because she is also a Christian and only lives 2 minutes away. Mum would ask me everyday after uni if I had met her yet, to which I replied, “nope! I probably never will!” But to my surprise, within the first 2 weeks of uni, I went to talk to one of my newly made friends and she happened to be talking to H, so I finally got to meet her and figure out who she was! It wasn’t until later that we both shared that our parents both tried to get us to meet each other and be friends. Sneaky parents...

My First Big Purchase
It was hard to see all of my life savings disappear, but definitely worth the freedom that a CAR gives! I ended up buying my Mum’s car so she could buy a new one. It’s not the prettiest of cars, but it gets me from A to B.

My First Job
My first job was at an asian takeaway store. It wasn’t the best... I remember getting a call from them, asking me to come in for an interview and I couldn’t even understand what the lady was saying over the phone because of her accent. So that was a good start. I was surprised when the interview just covered when I was free to do shifts and I was hired on the spot! Little did I know that it was a very dodgy place - with no insurance, minimum pay, no paperwork and a lot of intimidating staff who didn’t speak english. I went away on a holiday at one point and they changed management while I was away and never called me in for a shift, so I got a new job.

First Overseas Trip
Well this was quite an adventure! I went to Germany in grade 10 with my German class on an exchange trip. We had our exchange partners come to Australia first and then we went over to Germany a few months later. We travelled all over Germany and a bit of Austria and South Korea before staying with our individual host families. It was such a good experience and I grew so much more independent and confident in myself (and my German language skills!) My host family pushed me to speak as much German as I possibly could and I tried to push myself to do so as well and I can’t thank them enough for the experience. One night they even sat me down to play a children’s game of Cranium in German and taught me a tonne of new words and made me get every pronunciation spot on! Haha they were great :)

My First Time on a Plane
My first time on a plane was the time I went to Germany in grade 10 as I mentioned earlier. We were sat at the back of the plane - so of course we always ended up with the weird foods that no one wanted to eat...I’ll never forget my German teacher’s face when she pulled off her aluminium foil from her tray... 
I also remember sitting next to my best friend and being handed the hot towels that you get on a plane. It was both our first time on a plane so naturally, we were so confused when the hostess handed us hot towels... I still laugh looking at a photo of us holding our towels with the most confused looks on our faces.

I hope you enjoyed this little spiel about My First Times :) Follow me and stay tuned for what’s coming up next!

H xx