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Hello From The Other Side

Hello lovelies! 
What a clever title you say? Why thank you. I hope you appreciated the reference ;) 
I wanted to write another life update since my move to Mackay! 
Firstly, the drive from Brisbane to Mackay is freaking long - about 11 hours to be more specific. 11 hours of boring highway with very few towns to break up the "boringness". Luckily I also had Mum in my car so we took turns driving and took a few stops at petrol stations and Maccas (McDonalds for you non-Australians) for refreshments. 
I flew back home for the Christmas period which was lovely. I spent lots of time with family and welcomed 2017 with friends with sparklers, glow sticks, stargazing and unintentionally staying awake until 3am. On a more serious note though, the week was also quite stressful.  I've had so many changes come into my life very suddenly and I was struggling to deal with them. On one day I had a really nice day with Mum, driving around the countryside. That night while having dinner at …