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My Top 5 Websites

Hello lovelies!

I'm entering my final week of my holidays before starting my final uni placement! Since I've been on holidays for a while, I've had a lot of spare time...which has lead to a lot of internet time... So I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite websites at the moment. Hopefully, from this list you can find a new favourite place on the internet :)

Before we get into the more obscure and lesser-known websites, let's start with a more popular one you've probably already heard of: Pinterest ( Pinterest has been my go-to "procrastination/boredom/needing inspiration" website recently. I've also been planning my 21st birthday party and this website has really come in handy! I really like that it picks up on the pins you've been saving and caters towards your interests (so you can easily find more beautiful things you love!) I have way too many boards on my profile, but my profile is like my little happy …

Trusting God

Hello lovelies!

Looking back over the past year, I have learnt a lot about trusting God (or rather, God taught me a lot about trusting him).

I've always grown up hearing phrases like "trust God" or "have faith" but I don't think I ever really grasped that concept until 2015. I was thrown into the deep end a few times last year and really needed to lean on God to get through.

Before starting my first uni placement, I was really concerned about finances if I was sent to a rural location. It turned out that I was sent on a rural placement but fortunately my parents contributed towards my finances and I had free accommodation. During this placement however, I kind of lost my way. I was lonely and felt like I was not on the right career path. This caused me to begin questioning a lot of aspects of my life. I actually wrote a blog post at that time if you'd like to read about that in more detail - Too Many Thoughts. I needed to trust God that he'd set me on …