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Don't be afraid to be you

Hello beautiful internet friends,

I know this is a fairly cliché topic but it's something that I've been thinking about recently. I feel like so many people are worried about fitting in that they change things about them or hide away parts to them that make them who they are. 

Using myself as an example - anyone who knows me knows that I love musical theatre, and that's kind of a 'weird' thing to be passionate about. Some people do think that I am strange or curious for liking such a different art form. The thing is, is that it's part of who I am. It's part of my past, my interests, and my dreams, and I don't think I could be (or want to be) close to someone who didn't understand or at least respect that it is a passion of mine. 

Take pride in what you love and what you believe in because it's part of what makes you who you are. You're the best version of you in the universe, so be you. I think it's the quirky things that make people most i…


Hello internet friends!

The other day I found myself scrolling through pictures on my phone reminiscing about all the things I have done and all the little things that have made me happy. Here are some of those things...

1. Being with horses
I adore horses and everything to do with them. I volunteer at a riding school for children with disabilities and it brings so much happiness. When I have opportunities to ride, it's like being given such a sense of freedom. Feeling a horse's movements and being a part of that is pretty darn special. Most people think this is weird - but even just the smells when walking through the paddock are really comforting to me. 

2. Spontaneous road trips
Road tripping with friends as a spur of the moment decision often results in hilarity and delusional laughter. It's times like these that I realise how lucky I am to have these people in my life and that I get to share some amazing experiences with them. Even, actually no - especially if that inclu…