Hello internet friends!

The other day I found myself scrolling through pictures on my phone reminiscing about all the things I have done and all the little things that have made me happy. Here are some of those things...

1. Being with horses
I adore horses and everything to do with them. I volunteer at a riding school for children with disabilities and it brings so much happiness. When I have opportunities to ride, it's like being given such a sense of freedom. Feeling a horse's movements and being a part of that is pretty darn special. Most people think this is weird - but even just the smells when walking through the paddock are really comforting to me. 

2. Spontaneous road trips
Road tripping with friends as a spur of the moment decision often results in hilarity and delusional laughter. It's times like these that I realise how lucky I am to have these people in my life and that I get to share some amazing experiences with them. Even, actually no - especially if that includes getting majorly lost, taking the long but more adventurous route and accidentally throwing lollies across the car seat and then weeks later discovering ones that were missed in the clean up...

3. The ultimate combination of candles and tea
Tea and candles are like a warm hug. The flickering flames are mesmerising and tea takes you to a more relaxing part of your mind (yes it does exist somewhere in there). 

4. Christmas season
Okay, who doesn't love Christmas? I think it's safe to say that it's certainly my favourite time of the year. Although it's not as exciting as it was as a child anymore, there's still something magical about it. It brings people together and everyone is cheery and friendly; filled with the christmas spirit. Also, Christmas lights are basically the best thing ever.

5. Amazing store finds
One of my favourite places in the city is this antiques bookshop. It has rows and rows of any book you could wish for, along with the squeaky floorboards, cute reading nooks with fancy chairs, and antique step-ladders. The man who owns the place is also super lovely - the last time I saw him, he was wearing a top-hat and a bow-tie and gave me $10 off. Made my day :) 

6. Finding things I relate to oh so much
Story of my life. Need I say more?

7. Colourful nails and good hair days
Every girl's dream...

8. Beach trips 
Along with everything else that is compulsory for a beach trip: hunting down the best fish and chips, having ice-cream melt all over your hand, sea salt spray through your hair, and of course having family or friends to enjoy this with.

9. Packages in the mail
Especially when you've been waiting for what feels like forever. (And when what you're waiting for is a super cute posters from Carrie Hope Fletcher whom I adore)

10. Musical theatre, costumes and make-up
This is me backstage in CATS the Arena Spectacular with Harvest Rain (July 2014). 

11. People that cheer me up 
If I'm having a bad day, I have a set of YouTube videos I watch to cheer me up - and this lovely little lady is part of that list and is the cutest little thing you ever did see!

12. The random, unexpected events that brighten my day
Like a ladybird hitching a ride on your bag, a snail on your window or an unexpected kitty cuddle...

Well that's my list! 
Let me know what some of the things that bring you happiness are and what makes your day :) 

Hope you're doing well,