Hello lovelies,

Recently I watched a video by Dodie Clark where she spoke about oversharing, particularly about her mental health and it really got me thinking. One of the points she addressed was sharing her thoughts and feelings with her audience when she was in her darkest hours - and that while this may feel good to get off your chest and think you're helping others, this can actually be a really damaging coping mechanism and negatively affect the people you share that with.

I know that I am a very honest and open person. I quite easily share the positives and the negatives in my life and I like building connections with people by being vulnerable and having deeper conversations. I also like to be creative with writing blogs, songs, poetry and through art, and these are often inspired by the more difficult periods in my life. If you've read a few of my blog posts or know me in real life, you probably know that I struggle with anxiety from time to time. While I try to be careful about who I share this with, I am rarely afraid to talk about it if the conversation goes in that direction.

The main takeaway point from the discussion is that it's generally not healthy or helpful to publicly talk about your mental health issues while you are experiencing the pits of it. When you're not in a good place, your perception and judgement is warped. The thoughts and feelings you express can be damaging to others and let's be honest - who would it help?

I do not mean that people should not talk about mental health or seek help, just that perhaps it's not helpful to spread this to a wider audience while experiencing the worst of it, instead of speaking directly to friends, family or a health professional.

So in summary, don't be afraid to talk about mental health, just be cautious about what you share, who you share it with, and how you cope while you go through the valleys and hit the boulders.

Be kind to yourself,