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Beating Yourself Up

Hello lovelies,

I wanted to write this as an encouragement to any of you who may be going through a rough time. Are you blaming yourself for something or feeling disappointed in yourself? 

Stop beating yourself up.
I have personally experienced this mainly with anxiety and panic attacks. The time between my first panic attack and my second was probably around two months. In that time I was glad that nothing of the sort had happened again, and I had hope that it wouldn't happen again. After my second panic attack, I basically hit rock bottom. I was disappointed in myself that I let it happen again. I felt like I had to start all over again and didn't have any hope that I could be better in the long term. I was anxious and sad for a long time afterwards and was constantly on edge, waiting for another panic attack to strike. I blamed myself and I beat myself up about it. 

It wasn't until I sought help that this idea of beating myself up was conquered. I realised that in the past …

How To Be A Cat

Hello friends!

Since I was in the arena spectacular of CATS with Harvest Rain Theatre Company, I've wanted to do a makeup tutorial demonstrating how to transform into a cat...well the makeup part of your transformation. So let's jump right into it!

Start off by pulling your hair back and out of the way however you wish. If you plan on wearing a wig, perhaps style your hair into a braid or pin curls.

Then apply a moisturiser or primer so your makeup comes off easier rather than spending all night scrubbing your face red raw...

The makeup we used in this show was Kryolan Supracolour. It's a grease-based product that is easy to build up colour (it doesn't require much) however you will have to remember not to touch your face - it smudges quite easily. To apply the base, just use a sponge like the one pictured below, and for the details I just used a lipstick brush but obviously any brush with a small tip will do the job.

Apply the white first and apply quite a lot as you …

Smashing the Stigma

Hello people of the internet,

Following on from my last post (if you missed it, this will make more sense if you read that one first -, one issue that I really want to tackle is mental illness. The stigma surrounding mental illness has always greatly affected sufferers, so much so that many are afraid to speak up. I believe education is key to change this, as a lot of people do not understand mental illnesses, and therefore do not know what to think or how to deal with it. If you know someone who may be suffering from a mental illness, use this post as a guide. 

Disclaimer: This is written from my personal experience with anxiety because it's what I know and I don't want to be putting words in other people's mouths. Everyone is different. I want to change the world's view of mental health. I sincerely apologise if I offend anyone as this is not my intention. I am more than happy to hear your op…