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Creative Blogger Award

Hello lovelies! 
I've recently been nominated for The Creative Blogger Award! Thank you to the lovely Sophie from Cherries and Perfume :) You've tagged along since the very beginnings of this blog so props to you! These awards are such a great way to find new bloggers and delve deeper into the blogger-sphere. So let's get into it! 
These are the rules: Post a link to the person who nominated you and give thanksShare 5 facts about yourselfNominate 10 other blogs and give linksContact your nominees to inform them of their nominationProvide the rules to your nominees Similar to Sophie, I have a thing for making lists. I think they help me keep my sanity and align with my short attention span... On that note - here we go! I am a Christian. Having a personal relationship with God is very important to me and I love going to church and spending time with other Christians and building each other up.I'm currently enjoying a short break before starting my next placement doing paedia…