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Do You Want the Short or Long Version? (March - June)

Hello lovelies! 

So a lot has happened since my last life update! Sorry I've been slack and haven't written in so long. 

If you'd like the short version, I've made bullet points for you - how convenient and thoughtful of me! Otherwise if you'd like to be in for the long-haul, boy have I got a treat for you! 

The Month that was March My 22nd birthday!Parents visited for a weekendSurvived Cyclone Debbie Cue Taylor Swift music - "I'm feeling' 22!" Although it was hard having a birthday away from family, I was so blessed by the wonderful friends I've made in Mackay. We ate fish and chips at a hidden away lookout on a cliff looking out over the ocean. I just wanted something relaxed but also not to be alone on my birthday and boy did they deliver! Perfect night :) 
The weekend after my birthday my parents came to visit! We did a ridiculous amount of driving and went to Airlie, Cedar Creek Falls, Cape Hillsborough, Pinnacle, and probably more places that …