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February Life Update

Hello lovelies!

I've now been living in Mackay for almost two months now and wanted to write a life update!

I've been determined to try to get out and about in town, meet people and generally keep myself fairly busy. I've joined a choir, the feeding roster at the Riding for the Disabled, found a church, and met a lot of people. I've fallen into a few habits as well which I thought I should share.
My sister and her husband bought me a polaroid camera and a 365 book to capture moments from each day to remember this new adventure. I'm still figuring out how to perfect all of my photos but it's been fun. If I miss a day I try to write a diary entry of what I got up to or take two photos for a day to make up for it. There's a frangipani tree outside my unit, so I've been picking flowers for my coffee table so I at least have some form of plant-life in unit (I'm not known for having a green thumb - much to the dismay of my plant-loving sister). I've also…