Big Life News

Hello lovelies!

It has been so long since I've had a chance to write... Please excuse my absence - I've been in crazy study mode for my final semester of university and I'm very proud to be finished my occupational therapy uni degree! 

This week I was offered a full-time position with a private company in Mackay. 

I start orientation on the 19th of December and will fly home for Christmas before officially starting as an OT after the Christmas break. It's all happened quite quickly so it's still a bit overwhelming but I'm also excited to start my own journey. The position involves working in residential facilities and in communities (such as home visits) which is what I want to do, so I'm very grateful for the opportunity.

I am sad to be leaving Brisbane and everyone that I love here. It's been stressful just trying to find a property to rent, let alone moving (very far away) for the first time. I know I will face many challenges over the next year, but I also know that God will be with me. I'm trying to see the move as an opportunity to be independent, to learn and to grow closer to God. Fingers crossed I meet some lovely people and feel settled quickly. 

If you'd like to catch up with me before I leave, let me know! 

It's likely that the next time I post I'll be in Mackay, so I'll see you on the other side!