My Top 5 Websites

Hello lovelies!

I'm entering my final week of my holidays before starting my final uni placement! Since I've been on holidays for a while, I've had a lot of spare time...which has lead to a lot of internet time... So I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite websites at the moment. Hopefully, from this list you can find a new favourite place on the internet :)

Before we get into the more obscure and lesser-known websites, let's start with a more popular one you've probably already heard of: Pinterest ( Pinterest has been my go-to "procrastination/boredom/needing inspiration" website recently. I've also been planning my 21st birthday party and this website has really come in handy! I really like that it picks up on the pins you've been saving and caters towards your interests (so you can easily find more beautiful things you love!) I have way too many boards on my profile, but my profile is like my little happy place on the internet (aside from this blog of course!) 

Continuing along the lines of websites that aid procrastination, StumbleUpon ( is also a great website for this. When you create an account, you can choose topics that you're interested in. Then you press 'Stumble' and the website finds other webpages that you may find interesting. It also features a search bar and a rating system so you can further narrow down the pages it suggests for you. Through StumbleUpon I have found some really cool websites that I wouldn't have found otherwise! I'm fairly sure I've used this website when I was bored in a lecture and showed my friends all the weird and wonderful things I stumbled upon! Hours upon hours of entertainment!

I've recently been wanting to download music from YouTube (songs that aren't available on iTunes) and came across this website named YouTube mp3 ( It could definitely be used to download any audio from YouTube, which is super handy but also probably not totally ethical... I was slightly worried the first time using it (desperately wishing I wasn't downloading a virus) but the mp3 file downloaded straight into my iTunes - super convenient!

If you're currently studying (uni, school or the like), Quizlet ( may be super handy for you! This website enables you to create flashcards (which can be printed) and you can also use it to test yourself online. I've found that flashcards are a really good way to learn definitions or lists. When I study, I always try testing myself so I can see what I actually do and don't know, rather than assuming I remember everything I've covered - and flashcards are a great method for this. 

Finally, if you know me at all, you'll know that I love musical theatre. ( is one place I love to get my musical theatre fix. Although this website covers news in New York (and I live in Australia), I love finding out news about casts and shows and dreaming of being in New York, spending all of my time on Broadway! They also have a YouTube account which features vlog series from cast members of shows on Broadway - which are great insights into the magic behind musicals and the crazy life of being on Broadway. 

That's my top 5 websites at the moment! If any of these tickle your fancy, go ahead and click on the links and explore these wonderful places on the internet. Sorry in advance if you've found a new procrastination tool... Meh, go and enjoy yourself!