First Things First

Hello wonderful internet friends!
My first blog post...well here we go! I'm making this up as I go along, so bear with me!

I was reminiscing about my old blog (which I've now conveniently forgotten the password to) and decided to read the 5 posts that I made when I was 16. It's if you feel like having a laugh. Ah the good old school days... Anyway, it made me realise how much I miss writing and sharing my feelings and opinions with others - even if that just ends up being my future self procrastinating study by reminiscing about my old blog posts. That being said, hello future Holly! Hope your life is going splendidly - is that even a word? I hope so, it sounds cute...
Where was I? 
Oh yes...
Well I'll get this blog up and running by telling you a few little things about myself and pray that it's not too boring!

1. I think I have a serious addiction to YouTube (honestly, there should be a 'YouTuber's Anonymous' club)
2. It's currently WayPastMyBedtime (see, I'm so seriously addicted that I even use YouTuber's names as puns...) 
3. I should really be doing study for my final exams to finish off my first year of Occupational Therapy
4. I am THE QUEEN of procrastination! Bow down to me and my time-wasting and important-assignments-and-study-ignoring abilities! 
5. I want to be Zoe Sugg (Zoella). So bad. She's just so sjgihunfacjibhfnvcb. Yep.
6. I am so short that my best friend makes me show her photos of my Mum's side of the family to prove to other people (namely her mother) that me and my family is really that short :/
7. This blog is named Dreamings & Wanderings because that is what I do best. Daydreaming makes my troubles float away and adventure and travelling is my favourite pastime. 
8. I wish I lived in England...
9. My cat, Libby, is currently sleeping on top of a very tall bookshelf, in her favourite spot for bedtime.
10. I want to start a YouTube channel but the thought of putting that much of myself out into the internet slightly frightens me. Also, I hate my voice on camera...
11. The only music I listen to is musical theatre and whatever is on the radio in my little automobile, Franklin.
12. I.cannot.wait.until.the.summer.holidays. The beach (and quite frankly, the outside world) is calling me! The life of a studious student and living like a hobbit is definitely not for me.
13. I've never really had any superstitious beliefs per se, but at times I do think that ghosts or something are not real but then I get scared that one will haunt me because I said that... My mind must be stuck in Neverland. "I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!" 
14. I don't even know how and why my brain makes connections like that. I'm sorry in advance for all of the random thoughts this blog will hold...
15. Is that enough yet? I'm sleepy

So all in all, I'm not really sure in which direction this blog will go, so you'll have to wait and see! At the moment it will probably be random thoughts when I'm procrastinating study so hold onto your desk chairs! This may be a wild ride ;) 
Alright Holly, you're getting delirious now...I think bed is calling.

'Til next time!

H xx