Inspiration Transformation

Hello lovelies,

I currently have inspiration to write and I have a concept for a novel, but I feel stuck on how to start. To be honest, this post is basically procrastination (but I still feel okay with this because it's using my inspiration right? Right?!). Anyway, this happens to me so often! When I have a burst of inspiration I usually spend the majority of the time thinking about what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it rather than the actual 'doing'. I think it's partly worrying that I'll 'fail' (even though that's not really possible with art) and wanting the things that I create to be of a high quality (which is often unrealistic). Even this blog - I have quite a few draft posts that aren't going anywhere. I should just write a post of a collection of the posts that never made it to the publish button :D

I really do love the feeling of being inspired but at the same time, it frustrates me when I have inspiration and can't produce anything from it. 

Does anyone else share my struggles?