Ed Sheeran

Hello lovelies,

Saturday night I attended Ed Sheeran's concert with my bestie and man it was good! Seeing him live definitely confirmed to me that he is such a talented artist. It was honestly one of the happiest nights of my life and even more so because I got to share that experience with my beautiful friend. I tried to soak in the whole experience so I can cherish those memories for a long time to come. A lot of his songs mean a lot things to me and her, and for different reasons so it was really special. Ed has a way of subtly linking songs together without you even realising and he used a loop machine (creating layers of music live and every layer was beautiful! :D)

Passenger's photo of the stadium
Ed's concert has just made me more excited to see Vance Joy and Taylor Swift next Saturday! I may not have any money left but I figure that experiences like this are more important than having money. I'd rather enjoy the journey life takes me on and live it up in my youth while I still have it :D 

Of course I couldn't write a post about Ed's concert without giving you a little sneak peak of his amazingness... Enjoy!

There you go! Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into Ed's X tour. If you ever have the chance to see him live, do yourself a favour and grab tickets! He's ridiculously talented and just the atmosphere of the audience will be wonderful enough alone.