Fitness Challenge

Hello internet friends!

About a week ago I had a CATS Bootcamp which was basically just spending the day with the theatre company doing workshops. I did a 90 minute vocal workshop, 90 minutes of costume fitting and creating my character (my cat is named Ragamuffin), 90 minutes of learning the makeup, and a 90 minute choreography workshop. Today I mainly wanted to tell you about the choreography workshop. 

So in my "tribe" of about 15 people (group I will rehearse with because there's over 800 people in the cast...) left the freezing air-conditioned vocal room with relief and looked forward to warming up in the choreography session! Apart from learning a snippet of a dance for the show, we were taught how to move and interact as a cat - which was fun getting back into acting because I have missed it so much! But to get to the point - the most interesting part of this session was learning about how to be a musical theatre performer in terms of health and fitness. We were lectured about healthy eating, exercising, gaining muscle, sleeping well, and told that a musical theatre performer is an athlete. 

In the words of the choreographer, "If you aren't fit and strong in time for rehearsals, you will die"

Although it is a daunting task to be able to get fit and strong before proper rehearsals start, it's also really exciting. I hope that this show is the push that I need to get fit. I'm not overweight (although I'm not particularly skinny either) but I am so unfit! So for at least the next six months, I'll be trying my best to get healthy and fit and hopefully this becomes my new lifestyle. I've also been challenged by the choreographer to be able to hold a plank for at least three minutes - he wants everyone in the cast to be able to achieve that by the time rehearsals begin at the end of April. 

The next couple of months are going to be very busy and a lot of hard work with full-time university, rehearsals all weekend and every weekend, meanwhile trying to get (and stay) fit and healthy. 

If you have any fitness tips or healthy recipes, please let me know in the comments! :)