Bedroom Tour

Hello internet friends!

I haven’t written a blog post in a while because of exams but I’m back and eager to get writing! Today’s blog post will take you on a bedroom tour and will reveal all of my special knick-knacks that encompass my relaxing place. However, first I thought I’d just give you a quick update on what’s been happening in my life recently.

So Friday was my last day at university for the year! Freedom!! In other news, I had an audition on Thursday 5th Dec for CATS the musical with Harvest Rain and I found out earlier this week that I got accepted! I’m going to be part of a youth ensemble of 500 people, singing, dancing and acting in the Convention and Exhibition Centre which is massive! Marina Prior will also be in the show and I’m so excited to have to opportunity to work with one of Brisbane’s most prestigious theatre companies. I have a bootcamp for the musical mid January and then rehearsals start at the end of April - which is so long away! I can’t wait to get started! So if you’re in Brisbane around 4-6 July 2014, then please come along! It will be an incredible performance. 

Now that my update is out of the way - welcome to my bedroom tour!

Speaking of musical theatre...the first professional show I was in was a new musical called How to Make Snow by Daniel Evans and Naomi Price. This is a poster from the show, signed by some of the cast and a photo of the cast, signed by the production team. It was the craziest 7 weeks of my life! Rehearsals seemed like they never ended but they were fun all the same. I was so privileged to work with some amazing, talented people, including Naomi Price, Luke Kennedy, Daniel Evans, Mirusia Louwerse, Bryan Probets and David Morton to name a few. Some of my favourite memories from this show include our hilarious warm ups before performances; being chosen to workshop a puppeteering scene for the show when we got up to some crazy antics - such as rolling under sheets to attack the director with tentacles... - playing in the fake snow; being evacuated mid tech rehearsal because the smoke machine set off the

alarm; hilarious conversations with Naomi Price when we were supposed to be quiet and watching the rest of the cast rehearse; bump-in and bump-out; and performing to so many people in a huge auditorium. 

I have this photo on the top shelf of my desk and I simply adore it. It’s of me (left) and my sister Kate (right) on a farm about to participate in an egg and spoon race at a church camp. I just think that my face is brilliant in this photo!

If you know me at all, you’d know that I love theatre. There’s something about being in a theatre that gives me an adrenaline rush and excitement like no other. I have a space on my desk dedicated to theatre tickets and I’ve run out of space so I’ve resorted to basically sticking them on any spare space I have in my room. Some are shows that I went to see and some are shows that I was in myself. There’s even a ticket on there for a show that I wrote with my friends that we performed in 2012 which I have very fond memories of. I still have the script too! Just looking through the tickets and programs I’ve collected brings so many memories back and makes me smile. Theatre holds a very special place in my heart and I hope to be passionate about it for the rest of my life because it brings me so much joy.

I have a special section on my bookshelf with some simple souvenirs from my travels. There’s three snowglobes, remnants of the Berlin wall, a little monument from Warnemuende, a little globe and a bag from Peru. I’ll explain the stories behind the bag and one of the snow globes. In 2012 I won a scholarship to stay in Frankfurt for a month with german students from all around the world to learn German and meet likeminded people. It was the most amazing experience and I made so many friends from all around the world - and that also means I have many places to stay and people to visit when I eventually travel the world :) Anyway, the bag isn’t from me going to Peru, it’s a gift from one of my very sweet room mates on that trip, Camila. Camila lives in Peru and she gave me this on our last day. The snowglobe next to the bag is of Frankfurt, which I bought on that same trip. It snowed on our last full day in Frankfurt, so I shake this when I’m feeling a bit down and it takes me back to that trip and wonderful memories - especially of waking up and jumping up and down with my room mates when we saw snow falling for the first time outside our window. We waited all month for snow and it only snowed on our last day, so that is a very special memory.

I have another place on my desk where I’ve kept special letters over the years. There’s one from my sister that she gave to me the morning of her wedding; a letter that my parents gave to my sister and I on Christmas day in 2011 reminding us how much they love us and are proud of us; a sweet card from my youth leader when I decided to get baptised; a letter my drama teacher sent me thanking me for helping to clean out the drama department (which was a massive feat and a very long day!); a few 18th birthday cards; and a heartfelt letter from my english teacher she gave to me in grade 10 as I left her classroom and 10G for the last time.I wish I could just type them all out in full here. They’re making me tear up reading over them all again. Beautiful letters from beautiful people.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a bit of an insight into my bedroom and my life :) The things I’ve shared with you are some of the most important things to me and some amazing memories that make me smile every day. I hope you fill your home with things that hold many precious memories and give you something to smile about. What are some knick-knacks in your bedroom that are special to you?

Wow, this was a long one! It’s good to be back :)

H xx