For Drummer Boy

Hello lovelies!

Following on from my previous post, I'm going to be vulnerable, take a risk, and put myself out there. 

I enjoy being creative and one aspect of that is writing, whether it be stories, poems, or songs. I've always been nervous about sharing them with anyone but I'm going to be brave and let you read my thoughts I wrote about in a simple poem. Please keep in mind that I wrote this quite a while ago and I did just want some parts to rhyme, so don't take it all to heart! 

Sorry if you ever read this Drummer Boy. I wish you all the very best. 

For Drummer Boy

I miss sharing glances between the stage and back

I miss sitting and watching your band unpack 
I miss hearing your songs for the very first time
I miss helping you find the right words to rhyme

I miss eating doughnuts and ice-cream with you

I miss taking in our favourite view
I miss late night phone calls from far off places
I miss your "I'm finally home" embraces

I miss poking fun at your moustache and hair

I miss knowing that you'll always be there
I miss being silly and dancing with you
I miss things being simple between us two

I miss you.