Sharing TMI?

Hello lovelies! 

I've recently been thinking about how artists can be so vulnerable to share art about personal things. Take Taylor Swift for instance (classic example) - she's written countless songs about boys of her past and some people even know exactly who she's singing about. I want to be brave enough to share some of the creative things that have been inspired by my past experiences, but I can't help but think how vulnerable I'd have to be to share those with the world. Not to mention, making any person mentioned feel incredibly awkward. 

These thoughts have all come about because I wish I could share a poem I've written because I am quite fond of it, but it's also quite personal. I'm quite hesitant to share it with others because although some words are there just because they rhyme, most of it is heartfelt and true. 

Look, I understand that T Swift is a millionaire and needs to write songs to stay that way, but even smaller artists create based on previous experiences. That's where a lot of inspiration comes from! Should I be brave enough to share those things? 

Let me know your thoughts on this... maybe you'll convince me to be more bold :D