Reorganising My Brain

Hello lovelies!

Sometimes I use this blog as a journal of sorts. Of course I don't write everything here (as journaling is quite a personal thing and I don't know who will read this blog), but I wanted to write a post about the importance of journaling. I don't journal every day but I have found it to be very helpful in certain situations I've experienced.

I've always been known to be a 'reflective learner'. Thus, I learn most from reflecting on a situation or experience after it has occurred. For this reason I think, journaling has often helped me find my way in life and the decisions I make. 

I've used journaling as a tool to get my thoughts out and have something tangible to look back on. It's quite satisfying. It has helped me navigate relationships, bring things into perspective, and helped making any big decisions. I think that writing (or typing) your thoughts and feelings down helps you reorganise your brain a little bit, making your thoughts more logical and perhaps helping you to realise what you want. I often want to rant to friends about situations in my life but when I think they might be sick of my ranting, I can always turn to a piece of paper and a pen (or my little space on the internet here), knowing my brain won't judge me (much)

Go forth and journal, my friends!