Struggles of a Creative Person

Hello lovelies! 

Sorry I haven't posted in what feels for forever! Uni has been quite crazy and I have felt super guilty about not keeping up with blogging but hopefully now that I'm finally feeling the holiday freedom, there will be plenty more on the way :) 

On the topic of uni, when I'm studying I usually have the most creative ideas. This is extremely inconvenient when you're trying to not become distracted and need to pass your final exams... On one hand, I love it when creative thoughts pop into my head and I have a sudden burst of inspiration, but while studying it's fairly depressing because I don't have time to write or paint or dream. I've been desperate to once again let my creativity run wild! Hello holidays! 

Some nights as I lie in bed I think up stories. I love developing characters in new worlds and the interactions they would have. Although this is fun, it usually keeps me up until way past a reasonable hour and yet I have nothing physical to show for it - just the characters and the world I've created in my mind. I remember once being so caught up in creating a story that I had trouble falling asleep because ideas kept popping into my head! My imagination can go a little overboard sometimes... 

Just a little post today but I just wanted to share that I'm feeling on cloud nine about being on holidays and finally being able to let the reigns of my imagination go! I hope you're having a splendid day :)