Paying it Forward.

Hello lovelies,

Recently I watched a film called Pay it Forward and the concept of the film really resonated with me. Long story short, it's about a young boy who's school assignment is to make a difference in the world. He formulates the idea that he would do three big things to help three other people, and then they would continue this trend to spread good to many people. 

This got me thinking, what have I done to make a difference? And more importantly, what can I do to make a difference? 

I also thought about the fact that many celebrities or well known people in our world do not use their popularity, influence, and power, for anything bigger than themselves. What does that say about us as a species? Of course there are also a lot of celebrities or people with greater audiences than most, who are using their platform to spread good into the world. People like Emma Watson, Hannah Hart and Louise Pentland are few that pop to mind who are using their 'famiosity' for the greater good, and I really respect that. 

With all this in mind, I have however come to the realisation that even in a very small way, the things I say and the things I do, and even what I write on this blog, are part of my footprint on the world. Regardless the fact that I am not famous or have a large following, every voice counts and everyone can make a difference - even if that's through the small and subtle actions of daily life. In this blog I share some of my deepest thoughts and passions and I feel that I have a responsibility to use my little space of the internet...

For good. 
To speak up. 
To stand up for what I believe in. 
To make a difference, with hope that it helps even just one person.

So I encourage you to think about how you put yourself out there in the big, wide world. Even the small and seemingly insignificant voices CAN make a difference in the world. What will you do?