30 Day Drawing Challenge!

Hello lovely people of the internet!

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately... I have been writing blog posts but I wasn't really happy with any of them so I ended up not posting anything... Oops

Well because it's currently holidays for me, I've been spending a lot of time being creative to keep my mind active and trying my best not to fall into the horrific pit of boredom. So after a night feeling inspired and drawing until 1am, I decided to create a 30 day drawing challenge! There are no rules (ooh exciting!) - just try to draw all of these things. I'll even give you free reign to do these in more than 30 days, but you have to promise to complete all of them eventually! You can also try these in any order and if something doesn't gel with you, feel free to make up your own :) 

If you try this I'd love to see some of your drawings! Comment below where I can find you - not your home address though, that would be weird... 
Okay I think I'll stop babbling now; it's time for you to get drawing! Good luck! 

Day 1: A self-portrait - in any style you desire
Day 2: Yourself in a fictional world
Day 3: Your favourite book character
Day 4: A guilty pleasure 
Day 5: An emotion
Day 6: Your favourite superhero
Day 7: Your favourite villain
Day 8: Things/events from your year of birth
Day 9: A dancer
Day 10: Your dream home
Day 11: A doodle
Day 12: Your favourite film
Day 13: A dinosaur
Day 14: Something you remember from a dream
Day 15: You're halfway! Draw whatever you like!
Day 16: Your pet/s - past or present (if this doesn't apply to you, draw your favourite animal or a pet you would like to have)
Day 17: Re-design a book cover
Day 18: What you would look like as the opposite sex
Day 19: A meaningful object and it's story
Day 20: A page of drawings that describe who you are
Day 21: How you're feeling today
Day 22: Zombies!
Day 23: A place of rest - can be real or imagined
Day 24: What's in your bag?
Day 25: A monster
Day 26: Your favourite fairytale
Day 27: Something you miss
Day 28: Your favourite play/musical/actor
Day 29: Inspiration - perhaps what inspires you or what you think inspiration looks like
Day 30: A congratulations banner for finishing the challenge!