TV Show Superstitions?

Hello wonderful people of the internet,

So you’ve probably heard of a show called Criminal Minds, right? If not, it’s an American TV show about FBI profilers tracking down murderers and the like. Well because of this show, I have a lot of superstitions about murderers coming after me… That sounds totally insane! Stick with me and I can explain, I swear!

There was one episode that has evidently stuck with me, which involved a murderer entering a person’s home and turning on all of their TVs and radios until the victim came to see what was going on, and then – plot twist – they get murdered.

Well, in my house there is a TV that automatically turns itself on every once in a while…So naturally this Criminal Minds episode is the first thing that comes to mind and I anticipate there being a murderer standing by the TV, waiting to kill me. Yay!

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys have been mentally scarred by any TV show episodes or films? Let me know so I don’t feel so crazy and we can be crazy together in the comments :D