Creative Blogger Award

Hello lovelies! 

I've recently been nominated for The Creative Blogger Award! Thank you to the lovely Sophie from Cherries and Perfume :) You've tagged along since the very beginnings of this blog so props to you! These awards are such a great way to find new bloggers and delve deeper into the blogger-sphere. So let's get into it! 

These are the rules:
  1. Post a link to the person who nominated you and give thanks
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself
  3. Nominate 10 other blogs and give links
  4. Contact your nominees to inform them of their nomination
  5. Provide the rules to your nominees 
Similar to Sophie, I have a thing for making lists. I think they help me keep my sanity and align with my short attention span... On that note - here we go!
  1. I am a Christian. Having a personal relationship with God is very important to me and I love going to church and spending time with other Christians and building each other up.
  2. I'm currently enjoying a short break before starting my next placement doing paediatrics Occupational Therapy. I've particularly been enjoying getting back into reading and catching up with friends I hadn't seen for 2 months (my last placement was in a rural town away from home).
  3. I have lived in the same house my whole life (that's 20 years)! My parents built the house I live in before I was born...although I think it was still being finished after I was born. My bedroom is quite overbearing, however I figure that I'll probably move out soon so I'll cherish my childhood for a little while longer! It has bright purple walls and is covered in fairylights, photos, theatre tickets, and posters from shows I've been in. I just love being surrounded by memories that are important and special to me - my room is very much 'me'.
  4. I've probably mentioned this in a previous post but musical theatre is my life. I don't really listen to 'normal' music - I'm usually singing my heart out to show tunes. Funnily enough, when I was younger, musical theatre annoyed me because everyone always just 'happened' to know the same dance and song and performed it in sync in the middle of any situation. However, now I absolutely love it. The energy and emotion in musical theatre pulls in me in every time and I love performing in musicals.
  5. I really want to travel more and experience what the world has to offer. Every time I travel away from home I've always learnt new things about myself. I think it's so important to keep improving on yourself and being comfortable in your own skin and traveling sometimes forces you to think about those things.
Finally, I nominate the following bloggers for the Creative Blogger Award! 
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Go and give these bloggers some love. Thanks again for the nomination Sophie!